Sunday, December 16, 2007


Earn passive income from your website.
Paypopup allows publishers to easily earn passive income every time a person visits their site. Pop up ads are a great way to generate revenue every time someone views your web site. With Paypopup, if you have more than 200 views per day, you can tap into a stream of revenue.
Paypopup delivers, not only does it pay some of the best rates in the industry to publishers, but pay outs are made every two weeks. There are no large minimums to worry about, as long as you have earned $50 or more, your payment will be disbursed.
Paypopup also has one of the best affiliate programs in the ad network industry. You can earn up to 20%, because Paypopup affiliate tiered program runs 5 levels deep. If you are looking for a great way to monetize your web site traffic, Paypopup can earn you income immediately.
Reason to join Paypopup:
Earn passive income each and every time a visitor views your website
Whether your web site is large or small, you can join the network (at least 200 views per day required)
Payouts are some of the best in the industry
Payments made every two weeks (Only $50 minimum required for disbursement)
Top rated advertisers
One of the best affiliate programs in the industry (earn up to 20%, 5 levels deep)
Join for free
Extremely easy set up
High quality customer service and support

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