Sunday, December 16, 2007


ClickBooth gives you access to the highest payouts in the industry. For those publishers looking for a full service ad network that offers a large volume of advertisers, around the clock support, top pre tested technology and a top reputation, ClickBooth should be at the top of your list.
ClickBooth offers publishers access to an extremely large volume of advertisers. It is extremely easy to monetize your web site with ClickBooth and finding the right advertiser that fits your audience is a breeze.
ClickBooth has a team supporting you. ClickBooth's team will help support you technically as well as assist you in monetizing your site. For those looking for fast payouts, ClickBooth can pay you weekly, plus there are many different payment methods to fit any business.
Here are some great features that make ClickBooth stand apart from the crowd:
Extremely high CPM's and ECPM's
Plenty of huge name advertisers to fit almost every channel
Technology that is proven to work
Extremely quick payouts, you can choose to be paid weekly.
Several payment methods
Become an affiliate and receive referral payouts
Sales team that assists publishers
Excellent customer service
Great reputation in the industry

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